The next generation of our AI is here

We have been hard at work these past few years. Not only on DEVONthink To Go 2 and our new sync technology but also a new generation of our AI engine. Meet Awareness.

Before our applications used only the documents, their metadata, and information derived from the way you filed them. Awareness goes much further. It tracks which applications you are using, what actions you perform, and where. Then it creates groups and files items as you work and when you return to, e.g., DEVONthink you’ll find hierarchies, tags, and connections already made for you and ready to use.

But not every day is similar. There are productive days when your razor-sharp mind is focused to the max, but also slow days, days where you’re easily distracted. Awareness collects data from the mouse movements, the trackpad, the way you make gestures on your iOS device, the temperature sensors, the accelerometer, and the front-facing camera.

From all this, and some fairly complex math, it detects if you’re in a flow or distracted, calm or nervous, happy or tensed up — and adjusts the way the app interacts with you. DEVONthink will never again disturb you when you’re totally emerged into writing but will proactively offer help when it thinks that you’re lost. DEVONagent will hide disturbing news when you might not be in an appropriate mood for them.

Stay tuned, our public beta test will begin soon.

15 Responses to “The next generation of our AI is here”

  1. Achim Laumann says:

    Nice Story …. 1. April 🙂

  2. Fred says:

    I hope that this will be a feature that can be switched off.

  3. Fred says:

    ..fuck. I forgot the date today. Well played

  4. John says:

    That’s awesome news! Will Awareness also allow to automatically block April 1st jokes? At least optional, that is, because some actually are funny.

  5. P. Rentsch says:

    Thank you so much, Devonthink team. I can’t wait to try Awareness. I assume it will be watching over me like the Big Brother I never had…

  6. Steven says:

    All very well, but as I’m having so much trouble with sync, I’ve decided not to use DEVONthink Pro Office, instead I’m keeping all my “documents” in the Cloud, easy access whenever I need them.

  7. Peter Bloemendaal says:

    Must say, very creative 1st of April joke. Compliments! 🙂

  8. Gabriella says:

    Good point John! 🙂

  9. Bernhard says:

    April, 1st ?

  10. Stéphane Rosset says:

    I love your products, your leading edge technologies and your humour.

    Keep on going Devonthink Team.

  11. […] We have been hard at work these past few years. Not only on DEVONthink To Go 2 and our new sync technology but also a new generation of our AI engine. Meet Awareness. Before our applications used o… Read more […]

  12. Alex says:

    Really excited about this. I’m guessing Awareness will become an important contribution to the work I do.
    Hopefully this gets a lot of traction. Then DevonTechnologies can branch out, and I can start using Awareness when I’m not at my computer too!

  13. Nancy Hildebrandt says:

    I was well into the third paragraph before I remembered it’s April 1. It was the “temperature sensors” that tipped me off. However, I do expect you to come out with a beta version of this in the next couple years.

  14. David says:

    Love the current AI built in. It is why I chose DTPO in the first place. I can trust the minds that created it to improve it but – I am drawing a firm line when it wants to collect other data, especially access to my camera.

    I stopped being interested in this when it said, it uses the front-facing camera. No way is that going to happen on my machine. I do not want my software spying on my moods and interpreting this as some sort of intelligence.

    I also do not want it tracking my browser history or reading my tea leaves. Good AI should only focus on what I am trying to understand. It should not be trying to understand me.

  15. @David: Which is why we stopped this project already on April 2nd 😉

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