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We say ‘Thank You’ with 25% this Black Friday weekend

Black Friday Hot Sale

When it comes to celebrating, no time of the year compares to the last three months. October is the month of pumpkins, ghosts, and ghoules. November brings us colorful trees and tasty turkeys. And finally, December is the month of the months for children and adults alike. So this week we all set a day aside to come together and give thanks for all we have. Whatever your traditions are, let’s stop for a moment and all take stock of...


Very often, one software application doesn’t cover all workflows needed to accomplish a task or complete a project. This is especially true in science where researchers collect, organize, and process huge amounts of information. One application we regularly hear of is Eastgate’s Tinderbox. The researchers among our customers use DEVONthink for collection and organization, and then switch over to Tinderbox for creatively joining the pieces to form the groundwork for their research. For example Asaf Keller, one of our true...

Mac Geek Gab mentions DEVONthink and other needful things

MacGeekGab Logo

Our friends at MacObserver mentioned DEVONthink, EasyFind, and more again in their excellent Mac Geek Gab podcast, episode 679: Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, High Sierra, and KRACK are the topics today, but that means you’re in for a real treat. The goal is for everyone to learn at least four (4!) new things, but today you’re guaranteed to learn a whole lot more. DEVONthink is mentioned around minute 41, our freeware at 43’30”. CLICK HERE to listen to the...

Reading tip: Quitting Evernote for DEVONthink

Yann Rousse

Information worker Yann Rousse switched from Evernote to DEVONthink. He described how he managed the transition in detail in an excellent blog post on Medium: Moving to DEVONthink from Evernote is not a trivial change. The new tools available to handle my Information and Knowledge activities are quite different and in many ways, far more powerful. The learning curve has started for me but I feel DEVONthink is not only excellent but most importantly the proper fit for me. I’m...

Get our software for less at Club MacStories

Club MacStories

Out friends over at MacStories celebrate two years of their Club MacStories. This members area gives access to exclusive MacStories content with weekly and monthly newsletters and more. It’s a great way to support MacStories — and for a limited time also to get some great software for a good price. The deals are available until tomorrow, September 30th, so it’s still to sign up! Click here to check out what’s in their anniversary offer.

Students, get our Mac apps for 40% off until September 15th

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New classes and new assignments in a new school or college year mean that there’s a lot to be organized. Term papers need research and your visits to the library let the pile of paper copies or scanned PDFs grow. Our software is created with this in mind: DEVONthink helps you collect and organize your knowledge on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. DEVONagent Pro finds information on the web no matter how deeply it is hidden, and DEVONsphere Express does the...

SummerFest: Great apps, great prices

SummerFest logo

Every summer, we join up with some top software makers for our big festival of artisanal software. It’s the time for new plans, fresh projects, and great new ideas. Whether you’re mapping out your next novel, finishing your dissertation, planning a product, or writing memories for your grandkids, these tools will help. They are tools with attitude and style, tools crafted by creators, not focus groups. Tools like DEVONthink, DEVONagent, Tinderbox, or Scrivener live at the intersection of art and research. Crafted...

For German readers: Mac Life 6/2017 and Steffi’s Cloud

Mac Life logo

  If you’re from Germany and prefer the old-school paper magazines you might want to have a look at this month’s issue of Mac Life (6/2017). One of the last two remaining paper Mac magazines looks at a number of document management applications, among them, of course, DEVONthink Pro Office: Devonthink Pro Office überzeugt durch den sehr guten Leistungsumfang und die Möglichkeiten zur wechselweisen Dokumentenbearbeitung auf stationären Macs, dem iPhone und dem iPad.” And you also might like Steffi’s Cloud. Stefanie regularly publishes new articles in simple,...

Airmail 3.2.5 adds DEVONthink support

Airmail icon

The lastest update for the fast Mac email application Airmail adds DEVONthink integration. Selected email messages can be sent to DEVONthink’s inbox. They are saves as plain text documents and include a link back to the original message in Airmail. Read more about the update here. On iOS this is also now possible using the new URL schemes that DEVONthink To Go 2.1.3 introduced. Our forum user kseggleton created a custom URL action for Airmail on iOS that sends email as HTML to DEVONthink To Go including...

We celebrate 15 years — 30 percent on all apps

15th birthday cake

Fifteen years ago, in spring 2002, we opened our website and sold the first licenses of DEVONthink 1.0. Today we’re still here with a solid product line-up for the customers we love the most: passionate, demanding, professional, and always ready to help fellow users to squeeze the most out of our software. In short: YOU. We want to celebrate this anniversary not only for ourselves but with all of you. And because we can’t visit each one of you with...