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“I am a squirrel”

Organizing Creativity

Power knowledge worker Daniel Wessel calls himself “a squirrel”. He uses DEVONthink Pro Office to collect and organize everything from web pages to analog post cards. On his excellent web site Organizing Creativity Dan talks also about how he uses our flagship application: Why not simply use an OS X folder structure for everything? Among others, DEVONthink allows better (hierarchical) tagging, I have environments (databases) which limit the search automatically, I like the ‘Three Panes’ preview view, the ability to easily create replicates, including...

Get productivity tips & tools on (in German)

Kathrin Suedmeyer

The new German webzine Apfeloffice is focus on how to make using a Mac in the office more productive. Their latest mini series of four articles, Selbstorganisation: Methoden & Lösungen im digitalen Alltag, talks about how to get organized in a digital world — and mentions, of course, also DEVONthink Pro Office. Für den Mac gibt es nichts vergleichbares; DEVONthink setzt bei der Selbst-Organisation konsequent auf den Ordnungs-Effekt und hilft beim Suchen, Finden und Sortieren in der Recherche oder Vorbereitungs-Phase von Projekten. If...

How to beat up large law firms

Last week we’ve received this testimonial from a satisfied user that I have to share: I teach a class on electronic discovery at a major law university in Michigan, USA, and I heavily use DevonThink Pro Office. Your software is insanely good for electronic discovery and lets us beat up on large law firms. It is kind of our secret weapon! — John Di Giacomo, Revision Legal, PLLC. P.S. Make sure you don’t miss our Solutions pages. We have put together...

DEVONthink Pro Office in Mac Aficionados’ Top 15 list

On New Year’s Evening the French-Canadian Mac blog Mac Aficionados selected DEVONthink Pro Office as one of their top 15 Mac apps 2014. Check out what else is on the list that might be helpful for you. I personally recommend Bartender, a menu extra that moves all the other menu extras that you don’t need all the time out of your way.

Professor in Japan talks about DEVONthink

Christopher Mayo

Christopher Mayo, associate professor at Kōgakkan University in Ise City, Japan, has just published a great post about DEVONthink. Not only does he describe the highlights of app from his perspective. He also added a long list of useful links if you want to learn more about our products and our company. Click here to read the article on Christopher’s blog.

Le Café Du Geek about DEVONthink (in French)

David Duhamel has published a review of DEVONthink Pro on the French blog Le Café Du Geek. So if you’re Francophone feel free to have a look at his review. And don’t miss the rest of interesting articles on Le Café Du Geek including their morning news. P.S. I love the idea of a news site with coffee shop inspired theme.

“Squirrel it!”

EasyFind icon

As the older among you may already know I cannot resist to sometimes post a nice comment we’ve received from a happy user. Last week the following message reached us: Doing some work on an SMB server and we are having such difficulty finding anything. We tried bridge, even spotlighting the entire server. This is a Fortune 500 company and me and my boss gave up on IT and started using EasyFind. Just wanted to share my thanks and praise....

Macdrifter gets hands-on with our apps

In the recent months we have sponsored the great Mac website which has in return published a number of very helpful articles on DEVONthink and DEVONagent. Gabe Weatherhead covered everyday tasks with our apps including e.g. using DEVONthink as an RSS reader, archiving with DEVONthink, synchronizing databases, or searching the web with DEVONagent. Finally, he also gave a nice overview over our freeware apps. You can find all articles about our apps using this search. And make sure that you don’t...

Podcast tip: Mac Power Users episode 169

David Sparks andKatie Floyd of 5by5’s Mac Power Users podcast talk about tools and workflows for professionals in episode 169 and also mention DEVONthink. David and Katie talk to Dr. Jeffery Taekman, a physician, researcher and educator at Duke. Jeff takes us through his various workflows for getting work done in his profession including using his iPad in his medical practice. Click here to listen to episode 169 (DEVONthink mentioned around 47 minutes).

EasyFind helps YouTuber to find important stuff

The Mac user and YouTuber Cliff Ghrigsby has just published a short video demonstrating how he uses EasyFind to quickly finding files that he couldn’t locate using Spotlight. That’s just what we had in mind when we wrote EasyFind. Watch his video here.