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DEVONthink Pro Office 2.1.4 fixes OCR issue

Today we’ve released a bug-fix release for DEVONthink Pro Office. Version 2.9.14 fixes a random issue with the text recognition (OCR) as well as issues related to thumbnailing PDFs, exporting items, and synchronizing databases with indexed items. In addition it fixes an issue where the metadata entry panel didn’t close on computers with a Touch Bar. We recommend this free update to all users. Get it directly by using the app’s update function or our Download page.

Tuesday Tip: Automate DEVONthink using Hazel

Two weeks ago I have written about how to turn any folder into a hot folder by attaching “Folder Action Scripts” such as the mentioned “Import, OCR & Delete” one. A user sent us the tip that one could also use Noodlesoft’s Hazel for this, too. Hazel is a System Preferences pane that can run a large number of filing and cleaning task automatically and in the background. It can also run Automator workflows and so it is possible to...

Tuesday Tip: Import with OCR via Drag-and-Drop

The Folder Action Scripts that we supply with DEVONthink Pro (Office) allows you to turn any folder, e.g. one on your Desktop, into a hot folder. To attach a script to a folder of your choice, do the following: Open DEVONthink Pro and choose Help > Install Add-Ons. Check Folder Actions and install. This creates the “Folder Action Scripts” in ~/Library/Scripts and places our scripts. Or, of this is not available in your version: Copy the scripts from the folder “Extras/Scripts/Folder Actions/” on...