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In Newton’s Footsteps

A nice side note from the PC world: the brand new built-in speech recognition of Windows Vista delivered, ehrr, interesting results at a recent analyst presentation in Redmond. Following Apple Newton’s footsteps, Vista wrote “Dear Aunt” instead of “Dear Mom”, and the rest went even worse, ending up with “double the killer delete select all.” Well, it seems we have to wait a bit longer for Windows Vista 😉 See yourself.

Overheated, Automized, OCRified

As we’re melting here in Central Europe from the heat (33°C and up), I switched my balcony with the basement. And, I took the chance and made some major modification to the handling of upgrade, trial extension, and resend requests. All these requests are now completely automatically answered 24/7 by our license code server. Good news also for those of you who are waiting for a Fujitsu-ScanSnap-enabled version of DEVONthink: We have working ScanSnap and OCR plugins now. Next, we’re...

The Ten Most Valuable Tools for Academics

Just a short note to let you know that AcademHack, a blog dedicated to tools for academics, has published a top ten of the most valuable applications for people working in academia — with DEVONthink being number 6. Other applications and services mentioned by the author were Mellel, Quicksilver, NetNewsWire, iClip, Bookends and Thank you, David! BTW: You can find a link to the AcademHack blog in the Blogroll in the right hand sidebar!

Eric on Computer America

On May 17th, I was interviewed by Craig Crossman and Carey Holzman on Computer America, “the US’ longest-runnning national radio talk show about computers.” I had to get up at 4.30 CET in the morning because Computer America is being broadcast live at 10 pm EST. But, what can you do. I talked mainly about DEVONagent, but also mentioned our other applications. And, I managed to make Carey Holzman, the Windows guy, really, really envious. Listen yourself…

The Back Door

Those of you who visit our online forum regularly or who have read the second issue of DEVONtalk in 2005 will know Father Moses. He’s an orthodox monk living in the small Saint Gregory of Sinai Monastery in the Northern Mountains of California, USA. He uses both DEVONthink Professional and DEVONagent for his daily work at the monastery. Besides icon painting, the monks at Saint Gregory of Sinai Monastery produce olive oil, and sell it. As I met Father Moses...

Devonian Blues

A few months ago we stumbled over a nice song called “Devonian Blues.” It was made by Ray Troll from Trollart, and it’s all about the extremely important geologic period of the Devonian Period (remember: we’ve even named our whole company after it.) So, I couldn’t resist to post it here. Click here to listen to it.