Overheated, Automized, OCRified

As we’re melting here in Central Europe from the heat (33°C and up), I switched my balcony with the basement. And, I took the chance and made some major modification to the handling of upgrade, trial extension, and resend requests. All these requests are now completely automatically answered 24/7 by our license code server.

Good news also for those of you who are waiting for a Fujitsu-ScanSnap-enabled version of DEVONthink: We have working ScanSnap and OCR plugins now. Next, we’re focussing on the some additional features that we plan to add to the forthcoming big brother of DEVONthink Professional. Stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Overheated, Automized, OCRified”

  1. Brett says:

    Are the plugins for ScanSnap and OCR available now, or in an upcoming release?

  2. webmaster says:

    They are still in the labs for finalizing. We’ll offer a public beta of the new edition that hosts these plugins (hopefully, may the Gods of software development be gracious) soon.

  3. Mary F. Eubanks says:

    I’m also looking for Split and Merge capabilities for PDF files – Like I could do with paperport on windows. I’ve a Canon all-in-one which does OCR mostly ok, but I tend to do a batch of mixed papers and need to be able to sort out the power bills from by financial statements.