The Back Door

DEVONolive-Label.jpg Those of you who visit our online forum regularly or who have read the second issue of DEVONtalk in 2005 will know Father Moses. He’s an orthodox monk living in the small Saint Gregory of Sinai Monastery in the Northern Mountains of California, USA. He uses both DEVONthink Professional and DEVONagent for his daily work at the monastery.

Besides icon painting, the monks at Saint Gregory of Sinai Monastery produce olive oil, and sell it. As I met Father Moses in person at this year’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco, I had to buy a few bottles.

When the package finally arrived here in Europe, guess what I found? A very special “flavor” of olive oil, hand-made just for us! So, whatever the future may bring for DEVONtechnologies, we always have a back door now: making our own olive oil!

Thank you, Father Moses!

2 Responses to “The Back Door”

  1. Alexandria Weinbrech says:

    Being a major afficionado of olive oil—I’ve been known to inhale it by the bottle—I would buy it!! Especially if it is intelligent oil. 🙂

  2. Another lover of olive oil, I’m curious about the flavour they created for you. What was it like?! Sounds really interesting… intelligent oil!