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Use DEVONthink from

Power-user Eric Fedel has sent us a package of 17 (!) shell scripts for using DEVONthink Professional from the command line as well as AppleScripts that add commands to DEVONthink Pro’s own script menu. Use them, e.g., to import or export documents from the command line, rename records, set labels, or classify items. The AppleScripts allow you to feed text through command line applications or plot sheet data using GNU Plot. Cool! Thank you, Eric! We have added them to...

2nd DEVONagent Video is Online

We have just finished the second video tutorial for DEVONagent. It explains everything you need to know about search sets: what they are for, what they consist of, and how you can tweak them to your needs or how you can create your own search sets. You can even create sets that run unattended queries that completely automatically search the net for you and send you the results by email. Isn’t that cool? To watch the new movie, click here.

Bookmarklets, and a speed boost

Just in case that you haven’t subscribed to our news RSS feed: We have just released DEVONthink Professional 1.2 and DEVONagent 2.0.2 with a few new features, an updated, faster kernel, and some bug fixes. Read more about them here. Both updates are, as always, free. You can download them from our download page and simply replace your copies of the applications with the new ones. Attention! If you have downloaded DEVONagent right away, maybe the online help doesn’t work....

Mini Tutorials

I promised that we would add new content the DEVONacademy, and here it is: We have just added five new mini tutorials that explain in (hopefully) easy-to-follow steps how to import documents into DEVONthink, how to clip data from other applications, say Safari or DEVONagent, and how to effectively use the Classify function. Also, two mini tutorials introduce you into searching and into the Web and iPod publishing functions of DEVONthink Professional. These tutorials are not made for the power-user,...


This week, we have reached two very nice milestones in our online forum: More than 2,000 of you have registered for our forum, and and you and we have posted more than 15,000 articles. What a huge amount of collective knowledge that you, Christian, Annard and Bill have accumulated! Thank you all for being a so active and loyal user community!