Bookmarklets, and a speed boost

Just in case that you haven’t subscribed to our news RSS feed: We have just released DEVONthink Professional 1.2 and DEVONagent 2.0.2 with a few new features, an updated, faster kernel, and some bug fixes. Read more about them here.

Both updates are, as always, free. You can download them from our download page and simply replace your copies of the applications with the new ones.

Attention! If you have downloaded DEVONagent right away, maybe the online help doesn’t work. That’s already fixed, simpy download it again and replace your copy with the new one.

One Response to “Bookmarklets, and a speed boost”

  1. Dennis Shin says:

    Dear Mr. Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann:

    I realize this message via blog may be deleted into an oblivion of other user messages, but I thought I’d try anyway. I’d like to offer some honest user feedback that will hopefully work to improve the quality of your product, as well as empower users such as myself to continue forging this growing community.

    I’ve been scouring the web for weeks in an attempt to find a software application such as DEVONthink Pro. I’ve read dozens of reviews, forums, blogs, articles, feedback and have downloaded and tried several applications. It’s amazing how relatively new this concept of mining, organizing and databasing notes, thoughts, research and files is. As one user put it: “There is a lot of activity on the Mac platform right now along these lines.”

    I am a meticulous shopper and research everything before settling on the best solution to fit my needs. Based on literally days of sleepless research, I’ve discovered that DEVONthink is in fact the best software application to meet the needs already mentioned above. Your product is absolutely amazing and can (and will) be used by millions who finally catch on. This is an application that people truly cannot live without — professors, authors, scientists, researchers, artists, students, and the like…this is definitely one of those programs that one comes to conclude, “How did I ever survive without this?” No more boxes of notebooks, plethora of sticky notes, and desk space covered in lists and cocktail napkins — I’m positive DEVONthink can replace and change the way people organize and think.

    You can tell how excited I am to find this program and how victorious I feel at finally discovering a solution! (If nothing less, consider this my victory speech)

    As all impassioned users of a favorite product, I’d like to see continued development, innovation and a growing user community. Instead of being the “underdog” clawing for market share, I’d like to see DEVONthink as the industry standard that everyone is a part of. I know a great product when I see one. However, your identity and marketing does not reflect the superior quality of this fine product.

    The point of this extremely exhaustive message is to plead with you to win the confidence of your users (and potential users) by strengthening your presence, especially as a member of the Mac community.

    DEVONthink can “blow the competition out of the water,” but needs an interface “face-lift” with the next release. If this is going to be a successful Mac app, it should look and feel like a real Mac app! I was almost tempted to switch to other programs simply because of their user-friendliness and highly intuitive interface. I’m sure you are keeping up with the competition (or lack thereof):

    Their programs aren’t as sophisticated, but are much more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing upon initial download and trial. Pardon my frankness, but their websites are also much better. The Devon Technologies website isn’t very pleasing to the eye — forest green, with a picture of a forest isn’t eye-candy, if you know what I mean. At least be creative with the font headers…!

    Another suggestion would be to empower and encourage DEVONthink users to connect and collaborate, thereby creating a true “community” of like-minded users. WordPress here at home has been doing just that, and the buzz around here is like wildfire: . Get your users involved with one another, as well as the product, and you will have Mac-like energy and devotion. This is, after all, a Mac program!

    Think outside-the-box, as your DEVONthink users do, with creative marketing, online profiles, user groups, forums, a “who’s who” using Devon Technologies. I guarantee a cult-like following by next year.

    I really do hope your team at DEVON Technologies will get excited and be the type of innovative company that we users desperately need. Especially in this information and conceptual age, this program is really a Godsend. I’ll do anything to spread the “gospel of DEVONthink!”

    Thank you for reading my ranting and raving.


    “One more user”

    Dennis Shin
    San Francisco, CA