Mini Tutorials

Student, learningI promised that we would add new content the DEVONacademy, and here it is: We have just added five new mini tutorials that explain in (hopefully) easy-to-follow steps how to import documents into DEVONthink, how to clip data from other applications, say Safari or DEVONagent, and how to effectively use the Classify function. Also, two mini tutorials introduce you into searching and into the Web and iPod publishing functions of DEVONthink Professional.

These tutorials are not made for the power-user, but for new users who want to get a kick start. We will add similar tutorials for DEVONagent soon, too. What other tutorials would you want us to produce? Send me your comments!

2 Responses to “Mini Tutorials”

  1. Danellicus says:

    The tutorials may not be for the power user, but they might be for the lower power user… I’ll be looking to the “effectively Classify”, “searching” and web publishing.

  2. Rob Olliges says:

    It would be great if the tutorials were available in pdf.