Use DEVONthink from IconPower-user Eric Fedel has sent us a package of 17 (!) shell scripts for using DEVONthink Professional from the command line as well as AppleScripts that add commands to DEVONthink Pro’s own script menu. Use them, e.g., to import or export documents from the command line, rename records, set labels, or classify items. The AppleScripts allow you to feed text through command line applications or plot sheet data using GNU Plot. Cool! Thank you, Eric!

We have added them to the DEVONacademy. Also, you can find them on Eric’s Web page.

2 Responses to “Use DEVONthink from”

  1. Jose Benavides says:

    Anybody know where these scripts are? The links seam to be broken. This would be a very nice feature.
    – Jose B.

  2. eboehnisch says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have any copies of these terminal scripts anymore. Sorry.