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DEVONtalk is dead. Long lives DEVONtalk!

In the past I have published interviews with users doing interesting things with our applications in the irregularly published PDF newsletter called, of course, “DEVONtalk”. Now, with the blog and the HTML newsflashes a PDF newsletter looks strangely outdated. However, the concept is neither dead nor are older contents lost. Quite the contrary! I have just added all the interviews and tips published in DEVONtalk earlier to this blog. This is why you will now even find articles dated back...

Interview: Matt Bontrager

This month I’ve had a coffee with Matt Bontrager. Matt is the owner of Southpaw Data, LLC, a company that offers various services around the huge field of data management. Matt uses both DEVONagent and DEVONthink for his daily work. Hi Matt! What exactly do you do with our applications in your company? Southpaw Data is a data management company, which sounds simple enough, however it does get quite involved I use DEVONagent and DEVONthink Pro extensively during the course...

Another nice blog article

Vincent van Wylick from Rotterdam, Netherlands, E.U., has published a very nice article about DEVONthink on his blog. Vincent is using DEVONthink for collecting information and he seems to be a Getting Things Done fan as well. Read yourself.

Tuesday Tip: Groups panel

If you often need to add new documents to a specific group in your DEVONthink Pro database, you could drag the file to the DEVONthink Pro icon in the Dock, then bring the database window to the front, and manually move the document to the group into which it belongs. Here’s a convenient shortcut: Open the Groups panel (Tools > Show Groups). It floates above all other windows and gives you access to all groups of the currently open database. Drag...

Let DEVONagent do the work for you!

I promised to add more mini tutorials to the DEVONacademy, and, here they are: Three more tutorials for DEVONagent that explain how to use the built-in Web browser, how to create your own search set, and how to use the heavily underestimated automation features of DEVONagent. Our Internet research assistant not only queries search engines and scans URLs to give you answers to your questions quicky and accurately, it can also do this completely unattended and notify you when its...

DEVONthink Pro reviewed at MacResearch

Marc Coïsson from MacResearch has recently published a nice in-depth review of DEVONthink Professional, focussed on how to use it for scientific work. Thank you, Marc! Read the review here.

Get a kick-start, watch this video

Finally, after we have already published two video tutorials for DEVONagent, I have just uploaded our brand new video introduction to DEVONthink! Christian Meermann and Ed Vawter explain how to use DEVONthink’s user interface, how to create databases, how to write within DEVONthink with the built-in text editor, and how to use its unique artificial intelligence functions for filing, for organizing, and for navigating your documents. Click here to watch the new video tutorial and use the comment function of...

Get DEVONagent for US$ 29.95!

If you think about getting DEVONagent, today would be a good day for actually doing it: DEVONagent 2.0 is available only today, the 5th of September, 2006, for only US$ 29.95 at Go to and look for the DEVONagent banner in the right hand sidebar.

Synchronize your DEVONthink databases

Loren Ryter, one of our most loyal users, has just releases two cool third-party apps that work with DEVONthink: DevonSync and ThinkArch. DevonSync synchronizes two DEVONthink databases over the local network or even the Internet. Great for keeping two databases on two machines in sync! The second tool, ThinkArch, provides much more advanced email archiving from Entourage. Check them out!