Get a kick-start, watch this video

DEVONthink Video TutorialFinally, after we have already published two video tutorials for DEVONagent, I have just uploaded our brand new video introduction to DEVONthink! Christian Meermann and Ed Vawter explain how to use DEVONthink’s user interface, how to create databases, how to write within DEVONthink with the built-in text editor, and how to use its unique artificial intelligence functions for filing, for organizing, and for navigating your documents. Click here to watch the new video tutorial and use the comment function of this blog to tell me what you think about it!

One Response to “Get a kick-start, watch this video”

  1. Richard Pate says:

    The new video tutorial for DT is GREAT and certainly essential as a learning aid to sort out the complexities of DT. However, may I make one suggestion about the presentation: PLEASE SLOW DOWN.
    I found myself stopping, backing up, and replaying so many times it was exhausting. (Running on a G4 Powerbook.)
    Other than that, I am looking forward to DT’s future video tutorials. Thanks.