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Tuesday Tip: Custom Icons in DEVONthink

Did you know that you can use custom group and document icons in DEVONthink? It works just the Mac way: Copy any image that you want to use as the icon of the item; best suitable are images of a square form with a transparent background. Then select the item in DEVONthink and open the Info panel (Tools > Show Info). Select the item’s icon and paste your graphic. It can’t be any easier, can it? By the way: This...

A few new scripts

Just a short note before it’s time for the weekend: I have published three new scripts on the Scripts page. Two of them integrate DEVONthink Pro with the bookmark manager Webnote Happy (thanks to our forum user “Miles”!) and allow to copy links to DEVONthink or create webarchive from links in your database. The third one, provided by us on user demand (yes, we listen to our users :-)), converts a link document into a static webarchive. Use it to...

All inclusive: Emails, Scans, Web Server

What are these guys doing all the time, you may think? Just sitting on the balcony, drinking way to much tea, and shooting photos like the one to the left? W-R-O-N-G! We have been working really hard to bring you new, exciting things! What about this one: We have just sent the very first copy of DEVONthink Pro Office to our faithful team of beta testers — May the Preventer of System Crashes be with them! Based on DEVONthink Pro, it...

Tuesday Tip: Use an Inbox

If you are clipping a lot of text bits from the net to DEVONthink, it could be convenient to use an “Inbox” group. Create a group named “Inbox”, and, if you are sorting your groups list by name, maybe add a “•” or a space character in front of its name so that appears at the beginning or the end of the groups list. Select your new Inbox group in the Preferences panel, Import tab, as the destination for new...

Emails to DEVONtech got lost

This saturday, the hard drive of my brave MacBook broke. From one second to the next, no warning, no scrating sounds, nothing. Now, it just makes click-click sounds, and I see the “System Folder Missing” icon. Well, this happens, and my MacBook is already in repair. But: Emails that were sent on Friday to our info@ address as well as to me personally are lost, the last backup was from Thursday evening. So, if you have written to us and...

Tuesday Tip: Backup Your DEVONthink Pro Database

To conveniently backup your DEVONthink Pro database, use the script Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. It creates a verified, optimized and zipped archive of the currently open database wherever you want, e.g., on your second hard drive, without having to quit DEVONthink Pro. And although it’s a script, it doesn’t look like one and it is as fast as an integrated tool.

Very Special CD Boxes

Mercury Software, our Japanese distributor, has just finished the CD boxes for the DEVONthink/DEVONagent bundle. They’re so nice I couldn’t resist to show you. BTW: This boxed bundle is exclusively available in Japan, and you’ll see why when you click the boxshot 🙂

Get Off Caffeine

Lifehacker has posted a tip on how to reduce the amount of caffeine in tea by 80 percent. As we’re really heavy tea drinkers here, I thought I’d share this cool tip with you!

Tuesday Tip: Convert old PaperPort Archives

If you were a user of PaperPort on Mac OS 9 or older, you certainly have a large archive of scanned documents that you are now unable to access. The time of gruntling about the all-present evil is finally over. The latest version of Thorsten Lemke’s Graphic Converter adds the ability to open “.max” files and convert them to any other graphic format, e.g., JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. You can then import these into DEVONthink. Relief! But, as we’re using...

The Other Side of the Road

Have you ever wondered why “they” drive on the wrong side of the road? Is there any reason for most the E.U. driving on the right side but the UK driving on the left side? And, most important: Could it be us who drive on the wrong side and the other ones are, Heaven forbid!, right? If you need a break, lean back for a moment and read Brian Lucas’ article that I just stumbled about.