Tuesday Tip: Backup Your DEVONthink Pro Database

To conveniently backup your DEVONthink Pro database, use the script Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. It creates a verified, optimized and zipped archive of the currently open database wherever you want, e.g., on your second hard drive, without having to quit DEVONthink Pro. And although it’s a script, it doesn’t look like one and it is as fast as an integrated tool.

6 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Backup Your DEVONthink Pro Database”

  1. Karen says:

    I tried to follow these backup instructions, but I didn’t find any option to designate my own location for the backup. The choices were just Idisk and JungleDisk. I wanted to back up either to my external hard drive or to Dropbox. How can I find a way to make this kind of choice?

  2. @ Karen: In the same menu you will also find options for a “Daily Backup Archive” which writes a DEVONthink-independent backup archive you can then e.g. copy to your backup drive. You could also use our new sync feature (see my blog) to create an always up-to-date syncable version on a WebDAV drive or on Dropbox.

  3. effbee says:

    I’m using DEVONthink Office pro and I need help with configuring backups.

    I found:
    – Prefs with a frequency setting and how many backups to keep
    – The daily backup script which does something, but does not bring up any dialog to configure something or even show me the result and the location of the output
    – Tools > Backup&Optimize, which behaves like the daily backup

    I’m looking for:
    – Defining my backup: location, frequency, time
    – look at my backups (I’ve choosen daily and 3 to keep in the prefs. Where are those?


  4. Radu Pârvu says:


    Where is the archive created?


  5. @ Radu: In your home folder.