Tuesday Tip: Convert old PaperPort Archives

Icon Graphic Converter

If you were a user of PaperPort on Mac OS 9 or older, you certainly have a large archive of scanned documents that you are now unable to access. The time of gruntling about the all-present evil is finally over. The latest version of Thorsten Lemke’s Graphic Converter adds the ability to open “.max” files and convert them to any other graphic format, e.g., JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. You can then import these into DEVONthink. Relief!

But, as we’re using Macs here, we can do even better: Make them a PDF, the world’s standard file format for document archival, by “printing” them from Graphic Converter to a PDF file or, using the supplied PDF Services script, print them directly to your DEVONthink database (use the PDF button drop-down menu in the print dialog).

Thanks to Brendan Shilling for this tip!