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Thinking of the Others

While many people, especially in Germany, are complaining at the moment about everything becoming worse, this perception is distorted. Yes, some managers sack thousands of people only to drive their company’s shareholder value into even higher heights. The German health care system reform is a mess. And unemployment is dropping very slowly. But, from a meta perspective, this is clearly “Lamenting at the Top Level.” For people in many other regions of this World, our wealth and our high standard...

DEVONthink Pro Office is Available

Last month I had announced that we’d send DEVONthink Pro Office to our team of beta testers. Now, we’ve released it as a public beta for all of you! Check out our

Tuesday Tip: Use Keywords in DEVONagent

Are you still typing “” over and over into the address field of a DEVONagent web browser window just to quickly look up a vendor’s web address? Don’t do it again. There’s a smarter way: In DEVONagent, some plugins (which are basically interfaces between the application and the search engine) come with predefined keywords that you can simply type into the address field, followed by a query (in the search engine’s format; don’t enter one of DEVONagent’s more sophisticated operators...

DEVONtechnologies Email Addresses Misused

Tuesday Tip: .Mac QuickPicks

When you subscribe to .Mac, you also get access to the Backup application. You can use it to create safety copies of all your important files to either your .Mac iDisk or any other backup medium. One of the nicest features of .Mac Backup are the so called “QuickPicks”. These shortcuts make selecting a group of important files, say, all Microsoft Word documents or your iTunes library, a one-click procedure. But, well, Word files are fine, you may say, but...

A Sandals Moment

Many of you who are using our software now for a long time know that we’re sensible to today’s major problems, among them the unequal distributon of resources (leading to poverty and starvation in a rich world) and the destruction of our planet through pollution. So, some may ask, where are these sandal moments? Buried in commercialism? No, by no means. Here’s one again: We have just switched our electricity provider from traditional power, which is nuclear power here, to...

Tuesday Tip: Delete Favorites or States in PhotoStickies

To delete PhotoStickies favorites or states, select them with the Option key held. This immediately removes them without you having to open them first.

DEVONtechnologies in Malta

Our developer Annard Brouwer moved recently from Budapest, Hungary, to sunny Malta. And besides making the DEVONthink Pro Office plugins and lying around lazily in the sun, he’s now also demoing our applications at the local Mac show! So, if you happen to be in Malta (lucky you!) this weekend, visit him!

And Now to Something Completely Different

A year ago we were looking for a reliable remote control solution that we could use for managing our display-less servers. We found Desktop Transporter — and we love it. In fact, we loved it so much that we immediately called Daniel Stødle in Norway, the developer, and talked with him about how to make Desktop Transporter even better. And now we’re selling it! Isn’t it cool? (speaking with the famous words of Steve J.) Learn more about Desktop Transporter...

Tuesday Tip: The Ideal Groups Structure

When you are getting started with DEVONthink, the top challenge is to set up a useful groups structure. It should be flexible, extensible, and reflect your very personal work style. Here are some tips for you. Use Sub-Groups The basic rule for creating a useful group structure in DEVONthink is to extensively nest groups. Don’t use just one group called “Business” and throw in hundreds or thousands of emails. Create sub-groups for your clients or, even better, your projects. This...