Tuesday Tip: .Mac QuickPicks

When you subscribe to .Mac, you also get access to the Backup application. You can use it to create safety copies of all your important files to either your .Mac iDisk or any other backup medium. One of the nicest features of .Mac Backup are the so called “QuickPicks”. These shortcuts make selecting a group of important files, say, all Microsoft Word documents or your iTunes library, a one-click procedure.

But, well, Word files are fine, you may say, but what about your DEVONagent archive or your DEVONthink database? No problem. We have created QuickPick files for DEVONagent, DEVONnote, and DEVONthink for you. They let you add all your DEVONthink Pro databases or all your data stored in DEVONagent or DEVONnote to your backup plans with just one click. You can download the QuickPick files on the Download page.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: .Mac QuickPicks”

  1. Nils Kassube says:

    Of course everyone is aware that using the iDisk is not a good idea if you care about security: all data is sent unencrypted. Another nail in the coffin of .Mac.

  2. Annard Brouwer says:

    But Backup works very well with CD, DVD and HD media too, so don’t despair…