Tuesday Tip: Use Keywords in DEVONagent

Are you still typing “www.google.com” over and over into the address field of a DEVONagent web browser window just to quickly look up a vendor’s web address? Don’t do it again. There’s a smarter way: In DEVONagent, some plugins (which are basically interfaces between the application and the search engine) come with predefined keywords that you can simply type into the address field, followed by a query (in the search engine’s format; don’t enter one of DEVONagent’s more sophisticated operators here.) DEVONagent will send you query to the desired search engine and show the result page.

Example: To ask Google for ‘devonthink’, type ‘google devonthink’ into the address field; to ask MacUpdate for ‘desktop transporter’ type ‘mu “desktop transporter”.’

You can find out which keyword is attached to which search engine using the Windows > Plugins & Scanners window. Select any search engine there and see the Keywords field. Using this window, you can also add your own keywords to almost any other plugin as well to create your own shortcuts!

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Use Keywords in DEVONagent”

  1. I use these all the time and love them, but in the plugins window, the wikipedia plugin (which is a cocoa plugin) cannot be assigned a keyword. I would like to be able to search wikipedia in the same way I search google right now- right from the address bar.

    Also, is there a place where users exchange other plugins? I’d like to see a Google book search plugin, an IMDB plugin, as well as instructions to create your own.


  2. webmaster says:

    Danny: You’re right, this is a shortcoming. We may add this to a future version. We don’t have a place for exchanging plugins yet. However, we will open one as soon as we’ve received enough plugins. You will find instructions in the online help, and you can also exchange your ideas with fellow users in our online forum.