MacHeist and User Groups

MacHeist VaultJust if you haven’t noticed: DEVONthink Personal is part of the cool MacHeist bundle, so if you want to get DEVONthink Personal together with many other attractive apps, go for it! And, of course, the license that you’ll get in the MacHeist bundle is fully upgradable to DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office! That’s a deal, isn’t it?

MLMUG winners, part 1But that wasn’t enough. We also donated free licenses for the traditional raffles at Mac User Group (MUG) gatherings. The Main Line Macintosh Users Group just sent us pictures of the lucky winners, who got DEVONthink Professional at the Christmas meeting’s raffle in Paoli, PA. So if you are member of a Mac User Group, drop us an email or make sure that your group is registered with Apple’s MUG service to receive free licenses for raffles, too.

One Response to “MacHeist and User Groups”

  1. Don McColgan says:

    I am a member of CHOMP, a mac user group in Claremont California. We would certainly appreciate some free licenses to perk up our raffles. Chomp is registered with Apple’s MUG services.
    I am sure that the professionals in our group will be interested in you software offerings. Do you have a demo we could run? If not we can have someone in our group prepare one for presentation.
    Thank you; Don McColgan