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Tuesday Tip: Linking to an Item in RTF Documents

If you want to create a link to a group or other document in a rich text document, you can either write something, select it, Control-click or right-click it, and choose ‘Link to’ from the contextual menu, including navigating through your groups hierarchy. Or, you can simply drag the item into the rich text document with the Option and Command keys pressed (like creating a replicant or an alias in the Finder.)

Tuesday Tip: Archiving a Web Page

To archive a web page within DEVONthink, use the contextual menu. First, select the Link document in question to view the web page ‘live.’ Control-click or right-click the background of the page to show options that are affect the whole page, not a specific item on it. Now, choose ‘Capture Web Archive’ to save the current state of this page as a web archive (the HTML code including all images required to display it) directly into the database. Even if...

DEVONthink on Lifehacker

Lifehacker has posted a nice review, sort of, of DEVONthink with a good comments thread that also touches a few ways on how to use DEVONthink. Feel free to add your own comments 🙂

Lighthouse 1.1 and Desktop Transporter

Georg C. Kaindl has just posted version 1.1 of Lighthouse. This little utility makes it way easier to create port forwardings for your router, e.g., to give others access to your Mac via Desktop Transporter. Georg even offers a Desktop Transporter profile for download on his web site. Thank you, Georg!

Tuesday Tip: Improve Classification

One simple way to improve the Classify feature of DEVONthink is to exclude certain groups and documents from being used for classification. You could, e.g., exclude groups with indexed backup CDs or archived mailing lists from classification because they are ‘atypical’ for the contents of this database but you want to them in there anyway for easy access. To exclude an item from being used for classification, select it, open the Info panel (Tools > Show Info) and check ‘Exclude...

We’re back!

We all are back from our Christmas holidays and we are already preparing for an exciting 2007! Steve Jobs already gave it an interesting kick-off with the amazing iPhone and with finalizing the transformating of the computer company Apple Computer, Inc. to the electronics ecosystem company Apple, Inc. that had begun years ago with the introduction of the iPod. Well, if it helps the (Mac) OS X market share, then we’re happy with it. And if they open the iPhone...