Tuesday Tip: Linking to an Item in RTF Documents

If you want to create a link to a group or other document in a rich text document, you can either write something, select it, Control-click or right-click it, and choose ‘Link to’ from the contextual menu, including navigating through your groups hierarchy. Or, you can simply drag the item into the rich text document with the Option and Command keys pressed (like creating a replicant or an alias in the Finder.)

10 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Linking to an Item in RTF Documents”

  1. Willem Kuhtreiber says:

    When I drag and drop with Option and Command keys pressed in DTpro 1.3beta2, I get a nice text hyperlink as described in the Tuesday Tip. However, when I do this in 1.3beta3, there is also an icon added (e.g. for a PDF file that I try to link to) and the link does not appear to be a regular hyperlink, since the pointer does not turn into a hand when hovering over the link, and I need to double click instead of single click to activate the link. Due to the added icon, more vertical space is taken up and things look messy.
    Also, when I drag and drop an rtf or doc (using Option and Command), DT pro enters the contents, instead of inserting a link.
    I like the 1.3beta2 behaviour better. How can I get it in 1.3beta3?

    Thanks for a superb product,

    Willem Kuhtreiber

  2. I’ve just tried it, and it worked as in the previous betas. In fact, we haven’t changed anything here lately. Anything else you have changed on your system in the last few weeks?

  3. Willem Kuhtreiber says:


    Actually I have 1.3beta2 installed on my MacBook and 1.3beta3 on my iMac desktop (both dual core Intel). I wonder what the difference between the two is. I’ll try to find out. Do you have any suggestions?


    Willem Kuhtreiber

  4. You can find the differences in the online help, Introduction chapter. And beta 2 should have been expired on January 31 🙂 I would guess the drag-and-drop problem is more related to the actual machine than the DEVONthink Pro version.

  5. Willem Kuhtreiber says:

    When I click on “About DevonThink Pro” on my laptop I get 1.3beta2, even though Check for Update claims that my version is up to date. My desktop runs beta1.3

    When I said “I wonder what the difference between the two is”, I was referring to the machines, not the versions of DTP 😉

    I’ll report back when there is something I find out.


    Willem Kuhtreiber

  6. Interesting, beta 2 should have expired. Anyway, the check for updates is not working for the beta, just download the new beta from our website.

  7. Willem Kuhtreiber says:


    I have just discovered that the left Option key on my desktop keyboard does not appear to work. The right key gives the correct behaviour. Go figure …
    There is no way that the left Option key can be configured for different use or something, is there? I am not aware of having done something to that effect, not would I know how to do it….


    Willem Kuhtreiber

  8. Willem: There are hack out there that you can use for re-using keys. One of our devs use it for using Caps-Lock as Control key. But I guess you would know when you’d use such an extension 🙂 Maybe the key ist simply broken?

  9. Annard Brouwer says:

    I don’t use hacks, I use proper facilities like the key bindings. 😉 Check the link for more information. And I use a Happy Hacking keyboard that puts the Control key where it’s supposed to be.


  10. Willem Kuhtreiber says:


    The Option key was broken. I replaced the keyboard and everything is fine.


    Willem Kuhtreiber