Spring Updates

PackageDEVONthink Personal users: You’re not forgotten! As promised last week, we have just released DEVONthink Personal 1.9.9 with all the little enhancements that we had added to DEVONthink Pro in the last months. In addition, we have released DEVONagent 2.1 with a number of really nice features, for example the possibility to access your bookmarks right from the Dock menu and thumbnail tooltips for tabs. Finally, we’ve published maintenance updates for DEVONthink Pro 1.3.1 and DEVONthink Pro Office. Download the new versions here and simply replace your copies with the new ones.

7 Responses to “Spring Updates”

  1. Vincent says:

    could you please be more specific on what the changes actually are? It’s hard to guess reading the description of the dtpro and pro office updates…

  2. Adam Shand says:

    I’ve recently been reading a lot about DEVONthink and it seems like a wonderful product.

    I have one question before a plunge in though. If at some point I decide I no longer want to use DEVONthink (I move to Windows/Linux or you go out of business or a better application comes along) … what processes do you provide to help me get my data *OUT* of DEVONthink and into some neutral format.

    I’ve been burned one too many times to not take this seriously …

    Many thanks,

  3. Vincent: The release notes are inside the application in the online help, in the Introduction chapter.

  4. Adam: You can at any time export all your documents in neutral file formats (text, RTF, PDF etc.) to the file system. It’s completely transparent and reversable. We even provide a script for doing this (Script > Export > Daily Backup.) We’re also suffering from this problem as people move to DEVONthink and ask us how to get their data out of their old application.

  5. Erik says:

    I would appreciate being able to see the release notes somewhere on the website, so that I can decide whether or not to install a new version. Currently, you can only see the release notes AFTER installing the upgrade.

    Also, a little more detail in the release notes would be helpful. Things like “Improved: Results of ‘See Also’ and ‘Classify'” are not very informative.


  6. Adam Shand says:

    Wonderful, thanks for the info Eric.


  7. Erik: You’re right, but in this case, Classify and See Also simply deliver better results, more accurate. I will try to make the What’s New list a bit richer.