Tuesday Tip: Use a Voice Recorder

If you are like Gerry, one of our power-users, then you may would like to record your thoughts simply by speaking them instead of typing. As DEVONthink can easily handle any QuickTime file from AIFF to MP3 this is no problem at all! Use a software like VoiceNoteMenu or the free Audio Recorder to record your voice notes and import them later into DEVONthink Pro. A hot folder (a folder with an attached Folder Action script, e.g., the ones that come in the ‘Extras’ folder on the DEVONthink Pro disk image) may come in handy here to quickly add them to your database.

PS: If you had tried to contact us in vain last week: We had been on our annual staff meeting to talk about our strategy, upcoming products, etc. But now we’re all back in the code mines 🙂