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“My Digital Shoebox”

Innowen from D*I*Y Planner has published a nice review of DEVONthink Pro. She nicely describes how she uses DEVONthink but does also mention the downfalls for her. Here’s her conclusion: That said, if you need an excellent all-in-one research assistant/personal information manager on your Macintosh system, then DEVONthink is the one for you. It’s fast, reliable, is able to index, cross-reference, search, handles almost all file formats natively and makes coffee for you in the morning (okay, it doesn’t… but...

Summer is Here!

This blog is named “The Balcony” and so it’s time to publish a new picture from our lovely town, now that summer is here — in April! See yourself. Not taken from our balcony itself but a nice view on our town center, less than three minutes away from here.

Tuesday Tip: Searching the Internet

Ed Vawter is a US-based information technology consultant. He is also responsible for most of the plugins we have added to DEVONagent 2.0. So he’s a real DEVONagent expert. Since last year Ed is also publishing his own podcast about how to search the Internet, which is definitely worth listeting to. He also mentioned DEVONagent a couple of times, so if you really want to become an Internet research expert, have a look (and and ear) to Ed’s ‘Searching the...

New Convert to Webarchive Script

Just a short note to let you know that we have updated the ‘Convert to Webarchive’ script in our DEVONacademy. The new script places the created webarchive document into the same group as the link document and shows a progress indicator.

Our Shop Now Accepts PayPal!

Share-It, our online sales agent, has now added PayPal to the available payment options. So if you prefer using PayPal when ordering in our online shop, you can now do so.

Tuesday Tip: Integrate with Bookends

With the newest version of