“My Digital Shoebox”

Innowen from D*I*Y Planner has published a nice review of DEVONthink Pro. She nicely describes how she uses DEVONthink but does also mention the downfalls for her. Here’s her conclusion:

That said, if you need an excellent all-in-one research assistant/personal information manager on your Macintosh system, then DEVONthink is the one for you. It’s fast, reliable, is able to index, cross-reference, search, handles almost all file formats natively and makes coffee for you in the morning (okay, it doesn’t… but DTPro could do that if it wanted to)

Click here to read the full review yourself.

2 Responses to ““My Digital Shoebox””

  1. Ziv Kitaro says:

    My copy of DTPro (and office) doesn’t make coffee.
    Are you holding-out features?


    Happy about the review

  2. TommyW says:

    The key factor is…

    …learning curve…

    So many ‘info managers’ have a low learning curve. Throw stuff at it, use search and smart folders to sort the stuff that you’ve chucked in there.

    DTPO has a steeper one to go with those advanced features you offer, especially when it comes to integration with DevonAgent. You just know that it’s got lots of potential. And if you’re like me you’d like a trusted guide to get through it, because it just seems like it could do So Much.

    There’s the abasence of a manual and then there was the promise of those video screencasts… that started well, i would love to see them finish.

    I think you need a Super-User to start a website/blog on using DTPO. That might be interesting.