Tuesday Tip: Searching the Internet

Searching the Internet logoEd Vawter is a US-based information technology consultant. He is also responsible for most of the plugins we have added to DEVONagent 2.0. So he’s a real DEVONagent expert. Since last year Ed is also publishing his own podcast about how to search the Internet, which is definitely worth listeting to. He also mentioned DEVONagent a couple of times, so if you really want to become an Internet research expert, have a look (and and ear) to Ed’s ‘Searching the Internet’ podcast.

One Response to “Tuesday Tip: Searching the Internet”

  1. Jesse Perry says:

    Hey –
    I have just recently discovered the wonders of DEVON. I’m a freshman at Liberty University, so I haven’t really gotten into tough, long research yet. I do though see the potential in establishing a system now, and using these tools in the very near future.

    Thanks for your hard work!