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Walking on the 49th

A few weeks a go we were walking through the pedestrian zone of Besigheim, another small town now far away, to a nice German restaurant. By accident, I discovered that the 49th latitude runs straight through the ped zone. While I am not into geo-what-o-ever, I couldn’t resist to at least take a photo 🙂

DEVONagent reviewed in MacCompanion

Mac pro Harry Babad has reviewed DEVONagent 2.1 in the monthly e-zine MacCompanion. [.…] This software gives me only those documents that are worth reading. Even more impressively, it summarizes the collected information and presents me with a list of the most important topics, which I can check out. Finding the information I need on the web has gotten significantly easier with DEVONagent 2.1. Although I’m still not able to make use of it’s more sophisticated features, all of my...

Tuesday Tip: Converting Files

If you receive a file that you cannot open because you don’t have the right piece of software at hand, or if you want to convert a file in a proprietary format for importing into DEVONthink, have a look at Zamzar, a free Web-based file conversion service that converts diverse document, image, audio, and video formats.

Eric on Ars Technica

Jon Stokes from Ars Technica talked to me about DEVONthink, about the built-in AI, and about where we’re heading. While I won’t say anything about unpublished products or release scheduled, you may find it worth noting that we are actually working on a new product 😉 Read the full interview here.

Devon is Everywhere

Even on vacation in the far south of France, the DEVONians don’t let me go. Look what I have found in the local shop that interestingly also sells British food products — anyone any idea why one should do this? Seems we have found a good name for our next product! Now it’s up to you to guess what it will be … 🙂

Safari 3.0 Beta Bugs

I’m just back from my vacation, right in time for WWDC and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard — and Safari 3.0! What a surprise! And a bad bug that causes DEVONthink to crash when Safari 3.0 Beta is installed. We’re looking into this, so if you experience crashes with DEVONthink and the Safari 3.0 beta, please simply revert to Safari 2.0 until we, or even better: Apple, provides a fix.