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Tuesday Tip: Getting Spreadsheet Data In and Out

If you need to get table-like data into DEVONthink Pro or out of it, nothing easier than that. From Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice, export your data as tab-separated or comma-separated values (.tsv, .csv). Import this into DEVONthink Pro and it will automagically appear as a sheet. To get a sheet out of DEVONthink, select it (not the individual records) and choose File > Export > As Files and Folders. It will get exported as tab-separated values that can be read by all...

Desktop Transporter News

While we’re sweating in the summer heat here in Central Europe, Daniel Stødle, the developer of Desktop Transporter, wasn’t lazy in cool Tromsø, Norway. He finished version 2.5 of his elegant, easy to use yet powerful Desktop sharing solution. You can now add your own bookmarks for remote machines and you can share your Mac more easily over the Internet using an Apple Airport base station. Read more on our News page.

Tuesday Tip: Use the Right Search Set for the Job

DEVONagent allows you to search not just using Google, but with many more specialized search engines. For serious web research, you should use this possibility. Choose the search set that best suits your needs instead of just using the default ‘Internet (Fast Scan).’ To choose another search set (a parameter set for the next search run), select it from the little magnifying glass pop-up in the search field. And if you need something more specialized for your research, e.g. when...

Opinion: No Tour de France in German TV

May be you have heard about it: ARD and ZDF, the two public TV stations in Germany, Europe, have halted their coverage of the Tour de France after T-Mobile rider Patrik Sinkewitz had been tested positive for doping. Yeah! Everyone feels that all riders are doping. It’s just the dexterity of their doctors that keeps them from being tested positive. And if this practise doesn’t stop, well, then simply stop covering them in the news instead. This is where it...

Tuesday Tip: Survive the Heat

If you are suffering the heat as much as we do here in Europe at the moment, here’s my favourite summer drink that helps you survive the afternoon: Lassi or Ayran. All you need is yoghurt, water, sugar or salt, and some ice. Get the yoghurt from your Turkish dealer, Turkish yoghurt is a bit sour. But some lemon juice also does the job. Fill your glass between 30 and 50 percent with yoghurt, then fill up with water. Add...

Desktop Transporter and Parallels Desktop 3.0

As some of you may have already noticed, Desktop Transporter 2.0.1 does not work well with the networking stuff that Parallels Desktop 3.0 installs. We have already fixed this problem on our side, but not yet finished the release version. So, to ease your pain at least a bit, here’s the latest beta: Desktop Transporter 2.1b The final release is due in one or two weeks when we have done additional testing, flattened the last glitches, and updated the documentation.

Two new tutorials

I just want to let you know that I have added two new online tutorials for DEVONthink to our DEVONacademy. One of them explains how to set up a first DEVONthink database and also mentions some tips that Bill and me had already published here. The other one shows you how to keep you database healthy and how to make proper backups of your valuable data. Check them out here.

DEVONthink in Men’s Vogue

Men’s Vogue has published a nice little article about the Fujitsu ScanSnap 500 for digitizing documents — and does not forget to mention DEVONthink Pro Office! If you own a Mac, you can plunge even further into the digital abyss: ScanSnap syncs with DEVONthink, perhaps the most successful artificial intelligence software for home users. DEVONthink, by itself, can open, organize, assess, and store any document that passes through the scanner. Just create and name a database — Coffee, for example — and the...

Tuesday Tip: Make Use of the Built-In AI

While DEVONthink is still lacking tagging (which will definitely come, BTW) I would like to point you to all the automatic functions DEVONthink offers, from “See Also” to the “Context” button in the Search window, which also help you quickly navigate your database, even without manually assigning tags. Using “See Also” you can quickly find documents that are similar to the current one, and the “Context” button suggests words are contextually somehow connected to a given one. Try it, the...

DEVONthink Personal for US$ 19.95!

You always wanted to jump onto the DEVONthink train but never got around actually paying for it? Maybe today’s offer at MacUpdate’s can make your decision easier: Get DEVONthink Personal for US$ 19.95 instead of for US$ 39.95! Of course, the license you get is also completely upgradeable (once it is registered with our customer database)! Click here to get DEVONthink Personal for US$ 19.95!