Desktop Transporter and Parallels Desktop 3.0

Desktop Transporter IconAs some of you may have already noticed, Desktop Transporter 2.0.1 does not work well with the networking stuff that Parallels Desktop 3.0 installs. We have already fixed this problem on our side, but not yet finished the release version. So, to ease your pain at least a bit, here’s the latest beta: Desktop Transporter 2.1b The final release is due in one or two weeks when we have done additional testing, flattened the last glitches, and updated the documentation.

One Response to “Desktop Transporter and Parallels Desktop 3.0”

  1. John Morton says:

    Thanks for a really handy tool. This new beta does seem to be solving my some of the issues I was having since the new Parallels came out. Nice work.