Tuesday Tip: Getting Spreadsheet Data In and Out

If you need to get table-like data into DEVONthink Pro or out of it, nothing easier than that. From Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice, export your data as tab-separated or comma-separated values (.tsv, .csv). Import this into DEVONthink Pro and it will automagically appear as a sheet. To get a sheet out of DEVONthink, select it (not the individual records) and choose File > Export > As Files and Folders. It will get exported as tab-separated values that can be read by all spreadsheet applications on any platform.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Getting Spreadsheet Data In and Out”

  1. This sounds really cool.

    Any plan about introducing a mind-mapping capability for Devonthink, by the way?

  2. We may support mind-mapping file formats in the future but we have no concrete plans for adding a complete mind mapper to DEVONthink.