Tuesday Tip: Make Use of the Built-In AI

While DEVONthink is still lacking tagging (which will definitely come, BTW) I would like to point you to all the automatic functions DEVONthink offers, from “See Also” to the “Context” button in the Search window, which also help you quickly navigate your database, even without manually assigning tags. Using “See Also” you can quickly find documents that are similar to the current one, and the “Context” button suggests words are contextually somehow connected to a given one. Try it, the more documents you have stored in your database, the better the results.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Make Use of the Built-In AI”

  1. Arno Wouters says:

    For those of you who, in vain, tried to locate the search window by looking in the help file under windows&panels -> search window: it is in the tools menu and can also be activated with shift-command-F.

  2. wally G says:

    Thanks Arno. I’d really like to see SEARCH as a “customize toolbar” option. Yes, you can do the pulldown on the FIND window and get much of the same stuff…but not the context/see also options.

    Have a hard time hitting 3 keys at once (even if I did come over from Windows and have CTRL-ALT-DEL in my muscle memory).

  3. John says:

    I am really interested in automated content discovery tool to populate a set of user-defined Spotlight tags – across my entire document library.

    I like the See <> utility, and the resulting temperature graphs, but it would be great also to draw a content clustering diagram (or tage clouds chart_ to indicate the content weights across the corpus.

    Is something like this in the works? Thanks.

  4. Yes, we are thinking about how to integrate the “topics map” from DEVONagent also into DEVONthink. Nothing promised, but it’s on our minds.