Tuesday Tip: Survive the Heat

LassiIf you are suffering the heat as much as we do here in Europe at the moment, here’s my favourite summer drink that helps you survive the afternoon: Lassi or Ayran. All you need is yoghurt, water, sugar or salt, and some ice. Get the yoghurt from your Turkish dealer, Turkish yoghurt is a bit sour. But some lemon juice also does the job. Fill your glass between 30 and 50 percent with yoghurt, then fill up with water. Add sugar (Lassi) or salt (Ayran), and ice cubes to make it really cold. Enjoy!

One Response to “Tuesday Tip: Survive the Heat”

  1. Janie says:

    Actually, the Canadian Navy proved during WWII that lime juice reduces body temperature in extreme heat. They kept bottles of Rose’s Lime Juice Concentrate WITHOUT THE SUGAR on board. You can’t find the sugarless version anymore, however. At night the boys added Rum. 🙂

    Also, the female head nurse of the German Army during WWII used yoga to cool the German troops in Africa. If you make your lips form a hole the size of a straw and breathe in through your mouth, you can cool your body down by 20 degrees F. The troops were also told to do this exercise on their haunches. They were to squat, in other words, with their behinds resting on their heels, and allow their arms to hand loosely by their sides while they did the breathing exercise. I heard this directly when I took Yoga lessons from her.