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Server Problems

It seems that we’re experiencing weird web and mail server problems today. The web site is accessible again, but now the mail server processes are down. We have informed the data center staff and we hope that they’ll be able to fix the problems as quickly as possible. But, if you’re sending email to us today and never receive an reply or a bounce, we’re not ignoring you intentionally — please simply re-send it in two days. Sorry for the...

1passwd Crashes DEVONagent — No More!

If you experience crashes with DEVONagent when you have the password manager 1passwd installed, please try the brand new build #5177. Roustem from Agile Web Solutions has immediately fixed the issue and posted an update. THAT is REALLY good customer service! Cudos!

Another Update: DEVONthink Pro (Office) 1.3.2

The second season update this summer is DEVONthink Pro (Office). It adds minor improvements to almost all areas of DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office. DEVONthink Professional Office 1.3.2 supports MailTags 2.0 notes, allows to set the resolution and the compression of PDFs, and connects to ExactCode’s ExactScan software. Both editions allow you to set the background color of rich text documents, support grouping of found documents directly from within Classify and See Also drawers, and read Finder and Spotlight comments...

First Tutorial for Desktop Transporter

I have just added the first tutorial for our remote control solution Desktop Transporter to the DEVONacademy. It gives you a quick introduction in how to share a Mac using Desktop Transporter and in how to then connect to it from another Mac on the local network. Of course, this won’t be the last one. Next time we’ll show you how to set up port forwarding using Lighthouse and giving your network a dynamic domain name using DynDNS.

Workspaces and more: DEVONagent 2.2 is out

In the old tradition of season updates, here’s the first Summer Update, this time for DEVONagent! Version 2.2 adds, among many other improvements, new features that can come in handy when working with many web pages at the same time or with Bonjour-advertised web services as DEVONthink Pro Office web sharing. Also check our the heavily updated scanners that way more reliably detect thumbnail galleries, images, documents, whatever they’re looking for. Read more on our News page.