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Yet Another Review of DEVONthink Pro Office

Ziv Kitato from has published a review of DEVONhink Pro Office. If you read Hebrew more fluently than I do, you should not miss it: Read it here.

DEVONthink Pro Office updated

I just wanted to let you know that we updated DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office to version 1.3.3. See our news page for more information on the update.

German Review of DEVONthink, and an Interview

StickyBits, the German webzine about Mac OS X software, reviewed DEVONthink in its second issue this year. In addition, Kai Surendorf talked to Eric (that’s me in this case) as well as Annard, our developer-in-charge for the DEVONthink Pro Office extensions, about where our company came from, where we’re heading, and how we manage to keep our globally spread out team together. So, time to polish your German: Read the review and the interview here.

A Comment about DEVONthink and the ScanSnap

Just a few days ago we’ve received a comment from a user that was so nice that I had to post it here: My God-this has to be the coolest software I’ve ever used. I just downloaded Devonthink Pro Office to use with my new ScanSnap. I’ve never had this much fun filing stuff and shredding originals. Thank you Jeffrey! Were glad that DEVONthink Pro Office and the Fujitsu ScanSnap are so helpful in getting rid of your paper piles!...

Welcome to Indiana, Bill!

Bill DeVille, our head supporter and true evangelist for the DEVONbelief, has moved from warm and wet Louisiana to colder Indiana. Right after his 75th birthday, Bill has bought this wonderful Log Cabin in the woods of Indiana, which was first built in 1901, then in 1932, and finally in 1974. So, parts of the cabin are more than 100 years old. Today, the log cabin is up-to-date with central heating, air conditioning, good insulation as well as modern windows....

DEVONthink and DEVONnote updated

Just a quick note that we have updated DEVONthink Personal and DEVONnote to version 1.9.10. Read more on our News page.

Tuesday Tip: New Video Tutorial

Finally, Christian Meermann has, finally, finished the second part of the video tutorial series on teacher John’s imaginary research project on “coffee.” In this part, John does web research using, of course, DEVONagent, and stays up-to-date with RSS feeds in his DEVONthink database. So, grab a grande coffee Liquid Beans (my favorite), lean back and watch it!