Get DEVONagent for US$ 29.95!

MacUpdate LogoOnly today, Monday 1st, 2007, we’re selling DEVONagent for US$ 29.95 at MacUpdate Promo. So, if you’re playing with the idea of purchasing DEVONagent, today is the perfect day! Check DEVONagent’s features and visit our friends over at for the deal!

4 Responses to “Get DEVONagent for US$ 29.95!”

  1. Herbert Kornfeld says:

    Looks like something got mixed up with the TPS reports. Over at, they’re selling DEVONagent, not DEVONthink Pro. “Didn’t you get the memo?”

  2. Manfred says:

    I want to buy; alas, the special indicated is not for Devonthink, but for Devonagent.

  3. Alan Schmitt says:

    Is it DevonThink Pro or DevonAgent that is on sale? Because the mupromo page seems to say it’s the latter.

  4. Just too true. Sorry, my fault. You shouldn’t write blog articles in the middle of the night. Yes, it’s DEVONagent, not DEVONthink. I’ve corrected the article above. And, of course, we’ll also promote DEVONthink, eventually 🙂