Grab DEVONthink Pro for US$ 39.95!

MacZot LogoIf you’re thinking about buying DEVONthink Pro, today is your day. We’re offering DEVONthink Pro for US$ 39.95 instead of US$ 79.95 at macZOT’s. Hurry up!

2 Responses to “Grab DEVONthink Pro for US$ 39.95!”

  1. Tim Stringer says:

    Great to see DEVONthink Pro on macZOT!

    I’m already a licensed user of DEVONthink, so there’s not much incentive to purchase this deal (the upgrade cost is the same as the purchase price). Though I would love to upgrade to DEVONthink Pro Office. Any chance of offering a deal on this one?

  2. Hmm, we may, but we don’t promise anything, of course 😉