Tuesday Tip: Cornell Notes Template

If you are used to the ‘Cornell Notes’ notetaking system, there is no need for not using it in DEVONthink Pro. Bill DeVille has developed an easy to use Cornell Notes template. Technically the template consists of an RTF table with two rows and two columns; The two cells in the top row are merged and the top row is given a colored background so that they can serve as the title area. The relative widths of the cells in a row can be modified (explore ‘table’ in the online Help for TextEdit.) Note that you can also add hypertext or Wiki links in the text, allowing links to other documents or Web pages.The archive contains two files, a locked ‘template’ that you duplicate to create a new note, and a pre-filled example. Just download the example linked above, unzip it, import the unzipped folder into a DEVONthink Pro database, and play with the template and the example.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Cornell Notes Template”

  1. craig Moyes says:

    I like the template (in fact, I created my own version of the same thing), but I can’t seem to find a quick way of opening up a new document based on it. Does Devonthink have an obvious way to use it as a template for new documents (like you can in Word, for example)? At the moment I am duplicating and renaming, which is cumbersome to say the least.

  2. Eric says:

    At the moment, DEVONthink does not provide a way to store a document as a ‘new note’ template, I am afraid. But we have this in mind even though this will presumably not make it into 2.0, maybe into 2.x.