Tuesday Tip: Finding scanned PDFs without OCR layer

Do you have a large library of scanned files and want to import it into DEVONthink Pro, but you have no clue which of them you have already run through text recognition (OCR)? No problem, as DEVONthink Pro comes with great AppleScript supports:

  1. Download this Collect Items without Text script
  2. Unzip it and place it into ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro/
  3. Import all your scanned PDFs into DEVONthink
  4. Select all those PDFs in DEVONthink
  5. Select ‘Collect Items without Text’ from DEVONthink Pro’s Script menu

The script creates a new group in the root fo the database named ‘Collected items without text’ and moves all of the selected documents that contain no text to it, e.g., PDFs with no recognized text as well as images etc.You can find more scripts for DEVONthink Pro in our DEVONacademy.