Waiting for Godot, ehrr, Leopard

LeopardJust a quick note for all of you who want to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as soon as it is out tomorrow: There will be issues with DEVONthink and DEVONagent that we will not be able to fix until Leopard finds it way onto the shelves. While we are a paying member of the Apple Developer Connection, the latest build of Leopard that is available to us is from September 21, 2007. Apple has not yet deployed the golden master build of Leopard to us developers, so we are now working with the latest available beta to fix whatever issues we can fix, but for some glitches we need to wait for the final version of Mac OS X 10.5. We’re working hard to make all our applications ready for Leopard and we will release updates as quickly as possible. Stay tuned and watch this spot.

25 Responses to “Waiting for Godot, ehrr, Leopard”

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  2. pat says:

    So….. any progress on this? I use DT Personal daily for my work and I want to upgrade to Leopard. Any news on when a Leopard-compatible version is going to come out??

  3. Giovanni says:

    will users at some point in the future be able to use time machine from within DevonThink, like in the finder or mail ?

  4. We’re heavily working on the issues and we will provide updates soon. However, all in all, there are no issues that keep you from using DEVONthink, only web browsing from within DEVONagent is completely broken on Leopard. Re. Time Machine: Yes, we’ll investigate this for DEVONthink 2.0.

  5. Anton Rau says:

    Unfortunately there are issues not only in DEVONagent. Browsing in DEVONthink Pro does not work too (navigation bar is disabled). Also using Downloads Manager crash the program.

  6. Allen Jones says:

    Do you aware of any DEVONthink web server problems with Leopard?

  7. Allen says:

    Eric, are there any issues with DEVONthink’s web server in Leopard?

  8. pat says:

    Okay, thanks for the reply. I understand that testing on a new system takes time. And speaking of testing .. I’ve installed Leopard now, and for the most part DT Personal works fine. Two issues I’ve found:

    * full screen mode with a black background and blue text doesn’t work right anymore. Once you start typing, the line you’re one turns fully black so that you can’t see the text. The text is still there when you switch back out of full screen mode.

    * rtf documents now see to have an issue with saving text that included “em dashes” .. the long dashes typed on american keyboards by pressing option, shift, and – … after saving, when I reopen the document, all em-dashes are gone, and often a few characters after it are gone too.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Allen, no there are no issues with the web server except for a display glitch in the iPhone applet.

  10. […] DevonThink Pro Office – may or may not work; see *here […]

  11. Mark says:

    When I try and import a lot of docs into DT Pro (Office) the app becomes stuck and unresponsive. Requiring a force quit. This is on Leopard.
    Has anyone else seen this?

  12. Update: There is a glitch in the communication with the updated RTF engine in Leopard. We have already fixes this internally but you should stay away from writing or editing rich text in DEVONthink until we have released an update.

  13. Kenneth Rhee says:

    I think you should make this more prominent website. I almost missed this.

  14. Kenneth Rhee says:

    I mean either the main page of Devonthink or as a blog entry.

  15. Alexandra Earle says:

    Just purchassed Fujitsu S510M. And Leopard. Will I be able to use them together? I understand that I need to upgrade from Devonthink Pro to Devonthink Office, but is there a problem with the software provided with the scanner?

    Thanks for any info

  16. Alexandra, yes, you can. There is no problem with the ScanSnap and Leopard we’re aware of, but you’d need to ask Fujitsu. There is no communication problem with the ScanSnap and DEVONthink Pro Office on Leopard, and we’re fixing the remaining issues, mainly RTF engine problems, at the moment. Await a bugfix release soon.

  17. Sandro Janßen says:

    Dear Eric,

    full screen editing mode doesn’t work well under Leopard.
    RTF engine problems?

    Sometimes I want to blank out the rest of the world while I write. 😉

    I will check back here for progress reports.

  18. Alex says:

    I agree with Kenneth. The auto-deleting bug in rtf is a major issue and should be advertised on the home page.

    Also, I BADLY NEED to access my rtf files and make changes (I use DT for work). Could you PLEASE give us a time estimate for the fix?

  19. Henning says:

    Want to second Kenneth and Alex. The auto-deletion has been a really bad surprise for me. Would be fair to either publish a fix or to inform the users more prominently about that danger of unexpected data loss.

  20. I have made a more prominent link to the blog now on the News page as well as on the front page.

  21. paolo says:

    … ok but… who is Godot now: Leopard or Devon’s updates? ;-(

  22. Cog says:

    Also the download manager crashes every time.
    Leopard has been on the shelves for more than 2 weeks.Waiting for Godot indeed.

    Well, shall we go?
    Yes! let’s go.
    (they do not move)

  23. Dan Thies says:

    Wow, I was all fired up to start using this app… a month after Leopard, what’s the status??

  24. Dan, we’ve already release interim updates: See here.