Black Friday Deals — An Unexpected Delay

Everyone who tried to access the Black Friday Deals page already may have wondered why it wasn’t switched on yet. I was in the hospital last night because I had a little accident in the swimming pool. Everything is fine, they just had me there for a few hours to keep an eye on me. And so, I missed to update the web site at midnight, but now all hot deal links are active as they should be! Happy shopping!

Addition: Because we started so late, we’ve decided to keep the Black Friday page online until Sunday evening! So, if you think you’ve missed the deal, here’s your chance!

5 Responses to “Black Friday Deals — An Unexpected Delay”

  1. Tara says:

    Hi – as of Sunday at 4:15pm Mountain Standard, the discount is not appearing in my shopping cart – please define evening (or process) ??

  2. Rene Rodriguez says:

    Hello. I’ve tried your products over the weekend, and they’re terrific. I want to purchase the DEVONThink Pro Office & DEVONAgent bundle today to take advantage of your promotion, but the shopping cart said that the code was invalid.
    Have I missed the cut-off time? Your blog post indicates it will go on until this evening.

  3. Yes, the coupon code was automatically disabled last night, European time. I missed this when looking after my damaged leg over the weekend. Sorry! The code will now work again and I will take the page offline tomorrow morning, 08:00 CET.

  4. Robert Kilpper says:

    Not being aware of the discount code problem, and wanting to purchase an upgrade from DevonThink Personal to DevonThink Pro Office, I processed my order, expecting to see the discount applied – it never was, and I was charged the full upgrade price (I paid via Pay Pal. A subsequent note to Share-It produced instructions to contact the publisher. Is there some way I can receive a refund in the amount of the discount? Thank you for any help. Robert Kilpper

  5. Robert, the Black Friday discount was only valid for new purchases, not for upgrades, we’re afraid. If you would like us to refund your order, please email us.