Thinking We’re Picking Our Noses?

The MazeIn the user forum, whenever someone asks for such features as: opening multiple databases simultaneously, Spotlight support, or the DEVONagent topics map; we referred to the nebulous version 2.0 of DEVONthink. Those features come with huge changes to the underlying architecture. We didn’t want to squeeze these in interim updates. And now many of you are waiting impatiently for it to arrive. But don’t think that we’ve spend the last year picking our noses! We have been developing a brand new product that we’re going to reveal as soon as everything is done that needs to be done. And what is this mysterious, nebulous product all about? Of course it will be highly professional, scalable and ultra-fast. And it will be easy to use, too. Maybe the picture above stirs up your fantasy a bit? 🙂

18 Responses to “Thinking We’re Picking Our Noses?”

  1. ziv kitaro says:

    Does that means that all of the above will not be in Devonthink but only in this brand new (and COOL no doubt) product?

  2. Soukyan says:

    What a tease. I certainly hope the new product comes out at the start of the new year.

  3. Jordan says:

    Lemme guess, it’s called Labyrinth and it’s coming out in 2 months?

    waaaaahhhh I wanna beta test.

  4. Sami says:

    I only hope the labyrinth is not an allegory for its search functionality/spotlight support …

  5. lemuel says:

    Picking has the advantage of targeted precision; and blowing it is not a phrase that anyone wants to hear in the same breath as DTPro.

  6. Fred says:

    “Maybe the picture above stirs up your fantasy a bit?”

    I’m glad it wasn’t a picture of a nose being picked 😛

  7. Ian says:

    So how silly am I going to feel for buying DevonThink Pro just now, when the new product comes out? Am I going to find myself paying again?

  8. Ian, it will be a new, different product. Not an upgrade to DEVONthink Pro.

  9. David says:

    So this is not going to be DT 2.0 but something else? Is DT 2.0 still gonna happen?

  10. David, yes, it is going to happen 🙂

  11. inkwell3 says:

    As someone who has been waiting eagerly for the long-anticipated DTP 2.0 it is not necessarily cheering to hear that clearly much time has been spent on another project of which we knew nothing (and still do) – not that we’ve been given much information on DTP 2.0 anyway.

  12. Jason says:

    Have to agree with inkwell3 it is a great shame that there is so little information from Devon on what they are doing.
    I would love to deploy DevonThink within our organisation but without shared databases and collaboration it is a dead end for us.
    No information does little to manage expectations or hype and just leads to wild speculation.
    I would much prefer to see a log of what is actually going on with a clear statement of intentions, even if those intentions change, or estimates slip. A talkative dev house is just so much better than a surprise delivery type of shop.

    Come on Devon share what’s going on for real! We are all grown ups and can handle delays and changes – so much better than being kept in the dark.

  13. Jason, we cannot share any information about “this other product” due to legal reasons. But, it’s a new product, and it’s not DEVONthink, but based on our technology. Re. DEVONthink 2.0, we have announced what we’re planning for it, but we cannot publish a schedule for the release as it’s in the works and we don’t have a clear estimate. We have published deadlines before that we then missed a few times, so we don’t want to make this mistake again. As for the client/server edition, this will come AFTER DEVONthink 2.0 as DEVONthink 2.0 needs to lay the ground work for it.

  14. Jason says:

    Thanks Eric, even that small amount of information is invaluable. I now know that DEVONthink is not a viable option for my organisation in the near future. I will however probably still use it and recommend it for personal use outside of work.

    I can understand the rational behind keeping secret about your development process and progress, having been in that same situation myself. However, having learned from that and many years of evaluating and integrating IT systems I can tell you that working with a company that is more open about what it is doing is much easier and a big factor in choosing products.

    Anyway thanks for the info and good luck with your new product.


  15. rjohnston says:

    This new product confuses me. Like many, I am frustrated about the “nebulous version 2.0” but I want to be supportive because I am counting on this product – and the developers behind it.

    Based on this information, this is how I now understand your product evolution. You were working on a major upgrade (2.0) that would address issues like opening multiple databases, integrated searches etc. Rather than improving your existing product, you began to “change the underlying architecture” – which was a bigger, longer term project and which meant that you could not give incremental upgrades that addressed some of the promised 2.0 features to appease the masses. Leopard further complicated and delayed the development. In addition, you felt that you had to take advantage of market opportunities along the way – like getting Office out there, which was a diversion from developing 2.0 – though you would incorporate the new Office features in 2.0. At some point you realized that this new architecture would support both the promised 2.0 and this mysterious new product – maybe you had the new product in mind all along?

    From the consumer end, the mythical 2.0 has been put out there for so long that frustration and cynicism have been expressed on the forums. And since you tied the 2007 delay to the now released Leopard, those expressions are increasing.

    With this post, you hope to begin changing the discussion. But you need to understand, this is not what we want to hear.

    That picture doesn’t stir my fantasy – I guess it could represent my confusion. I have no reason to think I need a new product based on Devon technology. If your lawyers won’t let you give us any information, what do we have to fantasize about?

    I know I need 2.0 – I switch between databases over and over during the day – close one, open another. A few minutes ago I had to keep a client on hold while I waited for the switch.

    I do believe in the product and the developers. I very much appreciate your presence on the Forums – and Bill DeVille is like some wise cyber-mentor. But I agree with Jason and others – your loyal customers have very little information about the future and you seem overly secretive. I am sticking with you and I believe you will eventually deliver a great 2.0. In the meantime, my frustration continues.

  16. I too support the DEVON products and developers here. I have recommended both DEVONthink Pro Office and DEVONagent to a lot of people. Awesome products!

    RJohnston- great way to sum it up!

    I wonder if the new product will be at all like Ironic Software’s new Leap product. It seems very cool and those developers are great guys also. I almost went with YEP but around the time I was going to purchase it DEVONthink Pro Office came out and I purchased it. The more I use Leap though the more I like it. It is not a DEVONthink replacement but could complement it. I would rather further support DEVONtechnologies and purchase their product if it is a similar solution to leap and integrates with DEVONthink. I look forward to hearing more about/beta testing the new product.

    Eric & team – keep up the great work!

  17. Ummm, user forum? I didn’t know there was one of those. I’ve found it now, but perhaps you should publicise it more. Maybe even add it to the main navigation.

  18. Well… that is exciting news. You know… I have to say… you guys at Devon have NEVER disappointed and I’m certain you won’t start now. Whatever the new product is, I eagerly await testing it as well as preparing the way for DT 2.0.

    You’ve certainly captured my attention and my imagination with this post. I wish you guys luck and remain at the ready with baited breath.