Tuesday Tip: Synchronzing two databases

DevonSync IconAt the moment, DEVONthink Pro does not come with an integrated mechanism for synchronizing two databases. However, Wooden Brain Concepts has created a third-party shareware application named ‘DevonSync’ that jumps in. Click here to visit the Wooden Brian Concept homepage and have a look yourself.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Synchronzing two databases”

  1. Bill says:

    whatever happened to making database contents Spotlight searchable?

  2. Arno Wouters says:

    Did anyone try this utility? What is your experience?

    I would love to have a good syncing facility for DEVONthink but DevonSyncs help file makes me wary to even try it.

    For example, n order for DevonSync to work you must enable both “Remote Apple Events” and “Personal File Sharing” for both computers. This is something none of my other sync utilities ask for. I wonder whether it is safe on a computer on which I have several things I don’t want others to see and /or change?

    Also I find the help file unclear about what when synching. The help file says “DevonSync is designed to handle incremental additions since a given date” and “it will not remove records from one machine that have been deleted on the other”. I assume that ‘record’ means file? What happens when I have modified a file or moved it to another group?

    Similarly, DevonSync seems by default to remove any duplicates and replicants of a new file. I don’t understand the explanation why this is useful but as I make ample use of replicants this sound as if it makes DevonSync useless for me. Am I right? Did I misunderstand something? And what are the risks of turning these options off?

    I understand from the help file that DevonSync does not signal conflicts, but simply overwrites the oldest file with the newest one without any warning. Am I right? If so, why isn’t this mentioned in the list of limitations?

    Finally, under the heading ‘advanced things’ the help file says “Sometimes you may need to restart your remote computer or enable certain services.”. This is followed by a series of complex terminal instructions. Does this mean that if I’m not prepared to work with the terminal it is wise to stay away from DevonSync?


  3. Arno, Spotlight does not work at all with databases and it does not “look” into file packages. It requires a rework of our whole database structure. But, we’re already doing this for v2.0.