A nice email worth sharing

From time to time we get nice emails telling us that our software is actually of some use. We enjoy reading this because this is the energy that keeps us going. Here’s one that I’d like to share with you:

[…] I’ve been in the computing environment since the early 80s and have yet to encounter a better way to manage information than DevonThink. I sing it’s praises every time I retrieve a seemingly impossible to find bit of information, with a simple search. I’ve shown DevonThink to several individuals and each one have become Devon-Devotees. I’ve even had a couple of tech guys see it in use, they turned in their company Windows laptops, purchased Mac laptops just to use DevonThink. — Jim Hampton, USA

Seeing Windows guys switch to the Mac is probably one of the best praise one can get. Thank you, Jim!

2 Responses to “A nice email worth sharing”

  1. Alexander Wolf says:

    Same here with me. Everytime someone sees devonthink, he asks: Hey, I want that too. Where can I buy this for windows? Some even switch to the mac. DevonThink won’t be the reason alone, but is one of the reasons.

  2. Lionel Chng says:

    Yes, a great software. My work cannot not do without it. It is worthy of it name devon’THINK’. Keep everything organised so that you can think clearly. Thank you for a great software