Adium, iChat, Second Life importers

Icons Adium, iChat, Second LifeA few days ago I asked if you’re archiving your chatlogs and would like to use DEVONthink Pro for this. While DEVONthink reads the iChat file format, it does not understand the XML dialect Adium uses. So, with some help from the Adium guys (Thanks, Evan and Peter!), I have created an AppleScript script that does it all for you. It scans your Adium chatlogs, looks your contacts up in Address Book, converts the chatlogs to nice HTML, imports them, and cleans up (if you like). And, just because ScriptEditor was open anyway, I wrote another one for iChat and one for Second Life chatlogs, too (which was less complicated as no conversion is needed).

To use them, download the above scripts and unpack them. Then, copy the .scptd files into ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro. If DEVONthink Pro was open, choose Scripts > Update Scripts Menu. Both scripts should now appear in DEVONthink Pro’s own script menu (left of the Help menu, with a stylized AppleScript ‘S’ symbol).

Do the scripts work for you? Do you encounter any problems? Do you like to see more of these, and if yes, for which applications?

3 Responses to “Adium, iChat, Second Life importers”

  1. Joshua Hamilton says:

    Works a treat, thanks.

    Is there any way to get that nice HTML formatting with the iChat logs. I know that it displays natively, but the way Adium is formatted makes it so much easier to read. And is there any way to maintain clickable links when importing from Adium? Links appear as plain text, and rich text dragged in from outside of Adium also loses embedded URLs.

    As far as what else I’d like to see, I’d love if I could quickly and easily import my SMS logs from my iPhone. There is a free program called Syphone that does this, and there are paid alternatives in “The Missing Sync for iPhone“ ($39.95) and “MobileSyncBrowser“ ($9.95). I’d love to be able to quickly and easily import my messages and then be able to archive them in DEVONthink.

  2. The formatting of the iChat logs, which are stored in a proprietary binary format, is done by Mac OS X, so there is little hope. But we may check this. Regarding links in Adium: I’ll check 🙂 For the iPhone SMS we have to wait until I get an iPhone here, but then I will certainly look into this.

  3. […] Two weeks ago I have posted DEVONthink Pro importers for Adium, iChat, and Second Life chatlogs. If you are using Mira Software’s BluePhoneElite 2 to connect to your mobile phone, you may like these two new scripts that I have written this week. Import your SMS messages from the BluePhoneElite 2 message center as well as your call logs into any DEVONthink Pro database. I use this to add my SMS messages seamlessly to my other correspondance, from scanned letters to email and chatlogs. […]