Import your SMS messages and calls

Screenshot Import from BluePhoneElite 2

Two weeks ago I have posted DEVONthink Pro importers for Adium, iChat, and Second Life chatlogs. If you are using Mira Software’s BluePhoneElite 2 to connect to your mobile phone, you may like these two new scripts that I have written this week. Import your SMS messages from the BluePhoneElite 2 message center as well as your call logs into any DEVONthink Pro database. I use this to add my SMS messages seamlessly to my other correspondance, from scanned letters to email and chatlogs.

To use them, download the above scripts and unpack them. Then, copy the .scptd files into ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro. If DEVONthink Pro was open, choose Scripts > Update Scripts Menu. Both scripts should now appear in DEVONthink Pro’s own script menu (left of the Help menu, with a stylized AppleScript ‘S’ symbol).

Do they work for you? And are they useful? Comments are highly appreciated.

7 Responses to “Import your SMS messages and calls”

  1. Guntis Bukalders says:

    Sorry, DEVONthink Pro doesn’t import anything with this script. It just stays importing SMS from Inbox and doesn’t proceed…

  2. Which version of BluePhoneElite 2 do you have installed? And no messages nothing? Please feel free to also email me.

  3. Konstantinos Lavaris says:

    I have the same problem (only with the scripts, because BluePhoneElite 2.0.7 gives me many other options).
    Is it that I’m running Tiger, 10.4.11? Are they only working in Leopard?

  4. Konstantinos Lavaris says:

    And something else:
    The bad thing is that when I execute these two scripts, it’s a oneway ticket: I can’t cancel the task. They don’t give me nothing but a progress bar and in order to stop them I have to force-quit the DEVONthink Pro Office application.
    Again, is it the new data-structure in Leopard (CoreData) the format they want to work properly?

  5. Actually I have never tried them on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Regarding the Cancel button — this can be done. Thank you for the suggestion. From the scripting side, I am using only the AppleScript interface of BluePhoneElite to access the data. BluePhoneElite itself is responsible to physically access whatever data store it uses.

  6. Gentlemen: It’s a bug in AppleScript affecting the scripts on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. I’ll try to work around it and publish new versions of the scripts soon.

  7. I have fixed the problems (hopefully) working around some AppleScript weirdies on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. I have replaced the scripts, so please simlpy re-download them from the links in the article.