Using as a bookmark manager

Brenda of Changing Tides talks about how she is using for bookmark management and how DEVONthink Pro helps here here, too. Whether one likes online bookmark management services such as including the de-facto publishing of one’s own web surfing profile, or not, it is a perfect method to have all bookmarks available at all times, in all browsers, wherever you go. Personally, however, I like the idea of tags compared to folders, but for quickly finding the bookmarks I am looking for, my more traditional folder structure in Safari as well as the bookmarks Dock menu of DEVONagent is often way quicker than using

How do you manage your bookmarks?

9 Responses to “Using as a bookmark manager”

  1. John says:

    I use webnotehappy, it’s a great desktop app integrated with

  2. Danny Zacharias says:

    I use webnotehappy as well. great bookmark manager. I have asked the developer to make a quicksilver module for it, which will make it even better.
    In the meantime, i export all my bookmarks to Safari. That wasy the safari bookmark module for quicksilver puts all my bookmarks at my disposal. There is no faster way for launching a bookmarks than quicksilver.

  3. Oliver says:

    I would like to us DT but importing from delicious imports “only” the urls not the tags. Do I make something wrong?

  4. Oliver, the tags are saved in the link document’s comments field. See Tools > Show Info.

  5. Jeffrey Long says:

    I posted about this in my weblog post on how my use of devonthink has changed…

    “So, new procedure #1. I deleted all links from my groups. But I still wanted to be able to access them when I was in that group. So in their place I created a single link to my tag for that group. For example, instead of a list of separate links in my lifehacks group, I now have a single link to Much cleaner, and no syncing required.”

  6. Jeffrey Long says:

    I found two problems with importing my links into devonthink. The first, they were not integrated into my groups. They were in their own little separate world. And second I needed to sync them periodically. By instead putting a link to the tag that goes with a group in that group, I am able to put the links in their appropriate group rather then in the separate area, or replicate to multiple groups. And I never have to sync. I was helped along by asking the devonthink developers if the links generated any juice for the “see also” feature and they don’t. So it just didn’t make sense to keep separate links or import my entire bookmarks.

  7. Justin Maxwell says:

    I rely heavily on delicious for everything but confidential (since yahoo has access to my info) information. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s made getting used to DevonThink actually a bit difficult for me…I don’t want to bookmark in DT, I want to bookmark in delicious…

  8. Martin says:

    Wow, your whole website seems quite frumpy. How can I trust in your products…

  9. @ Martin: Our website was build in 2010. The last four years we spend full-time on developing new software from scratch. Guess what suffered? Now that DEVONthink To Go 2 is available the website’s next.