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Interesting use of DEVONthink

The German productivity blog Die Kritiker mentions an interesting use of DEVONthink: Backups of the online productivity and collaboration suite 37signals’ Backpack: You simply create a link for your 37signals’ Backpack account in DEVONthink. Selecting it loads Backpack inside DEVONthink with full access to all your data. Now, select the page you want to backup, Control-click it’s background, and capture it as a webarchive. Done. You can read the German language article here.

Tuesday Tip: Add a trash can to your database

Until we officially add genuine trash can functionality to DEVONthink, here’s a quick-and-dirty workaround: Download the trash can icon and unzip it. You’ll get a folder that looks like the Mac OS X trash can. Open your database. Create a new group. Name it “— Trash Can” (use Option-Shift-Hyphen for the long dash; makes the group always appear at the end of the list of groups). Switch back to the Finder, select the downloaded ‘trash can folder’, and choose File...

Reviewers, Editors, Bloggers: Welcome!

Journalists and bloggers: Don’t miss our updated Press Center! I have added a self-service option for our PR distribution list so that you can subscribe or unsubscribe to our press releases yourself now. A new form makes it easier for you to request not-for-resale licenses for your publication. And, of course, you will find all our recent and older press releases here as well as materials such as box shots, screenshot packages, and our company logo in print-ready resolution.

Tuesday Tip: Backup to .Mac (or your JungleDisk)

Backups are essential when you’re dealing with important data. Hard disks fail, file systems break. For DEVONthink Pro, one option is to export all items to a folder in your file system and move it to a safe place. For example your .Mac iDisk or your Amazon S3 JungleDisk. You can do this manually or by using the Backup Archive script supplied with DEVONthink Pro. Or, you could use the following two scripts that make it more-or-less a one click...

Good luck, Brockhaus!

For me as a studied librarian yesterdays announcement made by the Brockhaus publishers was the news of the day: The Brockhaus, Germany’s best-known encyclopedia, will no longer be published on paper but go online only. In addition, the new business model will be solely based on advertising. This move ends the over 200 year old Brockhaus old tradition of a printed high-end encyclopedia — but may also be solution to counter the decreasing sales of the printed edition. As Brockhaus directly...

Tuesday Tip: CAR video tutorial, part 3 is online

We have just finished the third part of the “Computer Aided Research” video series. In this episode imaginary teacher John uses DEVONthink Pro to store and organize all the data that he has collected for his project on “coffee.” John uses the unique AI for navigating the datat flood, sets up workspaces so that he can switch projects easily, and finally, even creates his own Automator workflow for quickly moving data from one database to another. Coffee time (or try...

Tool Tip: Keep RSI away with AntiRSI

If you are, like me, working almost ten hours a day with your Mac, you’re repeating the same hand movements over and over again. If you’re susceptible to RSI (repetitive strain injury; more accessible info here) try the litte utility AntiRSI. It’s freeware, but the developer welcomes a small donation if you like it.

DEVONnote from a user’s perspective

Sheridan Haskell writes in his blog You Comprehend about how he uses DEVONnote. He explains why he prefers DEVONnote over saving notes simply in the Finder, and he also posted a short video showing how he uses DEVONnote. Read yourself. Thank you, Sheridan!