Tuesday Tip: Add a trash can to your database

Screenshot Trash Can in DEVONthink

Until we officially add genuine trash can functionality to DEVONthink, here’s a quick-and-dirty workaround:

  1. Download the trash can icon and unzip it. You’ll get a folder that looks like the Mac OS X trash can.
  2. Open your database.
  3. Create a new group.
  4. Name it “— Trash Can” (use Option-Shift-Hyphen for the long dash; makes the group always appear at the end of the list of groups).
  5. Switch back to the Finder, select the downloaded ‘trash can folder’, and choose File > Get Info.
  6. Select the icon in the Info panel and copy it to the clipboard (Edit > Copy).
  7. Switch back to DEVONthink, select the trash can group, and choose Tools > Show Info to open DEVONthink’s Info panel.
  8. Select the group’s icon and paste the trash can picture over it (Edit > Paste). Done.

While this new ‘trash can’ does not react on the delete commands or features an Empty Trash command, it’s a convenient place to drag files you don’t need anymore. Simply visit it from time to time and delete the files you really want to shred.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Add a trash can to your database”

  1. Fred says:

    Hi Eric:

    Thanks for the tip. Do you also have an icon for the in-box tray shown in your screen shot?

  2. Fred: I got this from Midnight Beep Softwork’s Inbox application. So I need to send you there, I am afraid 🙂

  3. Sergio says:

    Hello Eric,

    Thanks for your post. That icon does work well in DTP, and a trash folder is always a good idea.

    Sometimes other icons don’t resample well. Generally icon designers make optimized versions for small sizes (see for example the gorgeous icons by David Lanham). Sadly, DEVONThink does not use the optimized version, insted it resample the icon himself, producing undesired effects.