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Sync your DEVONthink databases

If you use multiple Macs and you need to keep a database synchronized between them, you may want to give Wooden Brain Concepts‘ DevonSync a try. This little utility synchronizes two DEVONthink databases on two Macs over the local network, the Internet, and with version 1.2 — released today! — also via .Mac! DEVONthink and the to-be-sync’ed database needs to be opened on both machines (even when using the .Mac mode), and DevonSync does only add items and does not delete obsolete...

A Digital Academic Workflow

If you are working project-based and research-centric, our DEVONthink (and DEVONagent) are the choice of the day on the Mac. This is also what Kerry Magruder thinks, author of History of Science Online, thinks. Click here to learn more about how his workflow for the Digital Academic looks like.

Tool Tip: Keep your focus

If you’re easily disctracted with the many windows that clutter a typical infoworker’s screen, have a look at Isolator. It’s a simple donationware menu extra that dims all windows except those of the frontmost application. You can adjust the dim level, change the hot key, and even tell it to hide all background applications.

Happy Easter!

All of us here at DEVONtechnologies wish you a peaceful Easter weekend, wherever you are on this planet, whatever culture you’re part of, and whatever you believe in! Yours Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann & the DEVONtechnologies team PS: Our office will be closed from until March 24, 2008. Support will be available by email but we will reply slower than usual.

Poll: Do you use DEVONthink Pro Office’s web sharing?

DEVONthink Pro Office comes with a handy build-in web server that allows you to search your database from other locations, even from an Internet café. As we plan to enhance the web server component I would love to know if you already use the web server, and if yes, how? Do you also use the iPhone applet? Click here to vote.

Test-driving a new WIFI spot in town

After staying a few days more-or-less in bed with a bad cold, I just needed to go out again and add some joy to my morning routine of replying to customer email. Olivier, one of the numerous Italian ice coffee shops here in town now also offers free WIFI with its excellent coffee — so it was time to give it a try. I like it. And it always lightens up my mind to have a good coffee, see the pedestrians...

Tuesday Tip: Using RSS in DEVONthink Pro

If you like RSS feeds and you want to integrate them with your DEVONthink Pro workflow, there are three options: Create a link document with the URL of your RSS feed in your database. DEVONthink will display the feed live after selecting. Contents are not archived, but you can easily have a look at the feed’s current content. Use the scripts in the Scripts > Feeds menu. These scripts create groups with attached scripts that update the fill the group...

First updates of the year

We have just posted updated for all editions of DEVONthink as well as for DEVONnote. The new releases include a number of bug fixes, bring compatibility to the latest version of the Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager, and come with all the scripts on board that I have already published here a while ago. Click here to read more on our news page.

DEVONtechnologies, ExactCode sign agreement

With Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Apple broke scan support not only for DEVONthink Pro Office but for all third-party applications using the Image Capture framework. We have been working with Apple on the issue but still to no avail. We have now signed an agreement with the Berlin based scan software maker ExactCode and behind the scenes we’re both working hard to get the scan support in DEVONthink Pro Office back on-line again. Stay tuned!

Tuesday Tip: Some useful scripts

I have just posted a couple of new scripts for DEVONthink Pro that can help capture data from Safari and other applications in case that the on-board functionality of DEVONthink Pro is not enough for you. The scripts capture web pages from Safari as screen shots (using Paparazzi), save bookmarks in both DEVONthink Pro and simultaneously, and add formatted text from Safari and other applications to a database. Thanks to Manuela Hoffmann and Patrick Mosby for these useful scripts!...